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Scotty is our little ray of sunshine! He and Kevin go way back, not only have they known each other’s families for many years, they have also worked together in Nice, France. Born in the Philippines, Scotty got his name from his Dads heritage – pretty neat huh? A well travelled sous chef, he’s also an experienced Franschhoeker who loves the beauty and supportive nature of the people of the Valley, in particular the various restaurants’ camaraderie. Never one to shy from controversy “Sunshine’s” favourite kitchen utensil is either the left handed whisk or the custard making jug, it’s a tough choice! You will see him rocking out whilst cooking, all the while enjoying a chilled vibe in the kitchen. Currently Scotty is favouring Asian influenced cuisine on our menu so be sure to check out these dishes! Words you’re likely to hear from him “Get in the dining room!”